how get smbios blob with intel-ipmi-oem

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Tue Oct 11 21:10:25 AEDT 2022

Hi Nikita,

On Tue, Oct 11, 2022 at 12:27:58PM +0300, Nikita Pavlov wrote:
> Now I work with intel-ipmi-oem and want to get smbios blob. 

If you're going to use MDRv1 protocol then I can share the experience.

We use intel-ipmi-oem and it handles requests like 0x3e:0x20 (for
region status) by calling methods of a D-Bus object, which you should
also be able to query manually following

busctl introspect xyz.openbmc_project.Smbios.MDR_V1 /xyz/openbmc_project/Smbios/MDR_V1


"xyz.openbmc_project.Smbios.MDR_V1" is handled by .

Example of requesting status of the first region:

# ipmitool raw 0x3e 0x20 1
 11 01 01 02 00 00 80 cc 0a 91

> I use intel-ipmi-oem lib and ipmi-whitelist.conf with phosphor-host-ipmid.
> I test this by ipmitool like this ipmitool raw 0x30 0x1a and get:

Why are you using 0x30 0x1a, it seems to be
<Intel General Application>:<Get NIC Info> so completely unrelated?

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