Linux kernel updates and v6.0

Joel Stanley joel at
Thu Oct 6 12:26:13 AEDT 2022

On Wed, 28 Sept 2022 at 06:34, Joel Stanley <joel at> wrote:
 for this work.
> I have prepared a v6.0 tree that contains backports of the FSI and
> Aspeed v6.1 patches, and a small set of existing patches. I will
> publish this on Monday, or once v6.0 final has been tagged.

This slipped as we had a public holiday on Monday, and there were a
few yocto issues to sort out before I could get the tree through CI.
I've now pushed dev-6.0 to openbmc/linux.

The +1 party is here:

Please join in.

> As promised the last time we rebased, the Nuvoton patches that have
> not seen any updates since they were merged in 2019 have been dropped.
> They are welcome to be resubmitted as long as they are also being
> worked on upstream.

Tomer has been working with me to get the recent Nuvoton work
backported to 6.0. There remains a chunk of work that hasn't been
posted to the upstream lists and therefore isn't in the openbmc tree
yet. I encourage those who maintain systems with a npcm7xx and npcm8xx
to help there.

> Please address any future patches to the dev-6.0 tree.

If you have pending patches then please let me know that you want them
merged to the dev-6.0 branch. Otherwise, rebase and re-send them to
the list.



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