How to stream Name and Reading using streaming telemetry

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I am trying to setup streaming telemetry on OpenBmc and I am not able to
create a metric report if I use a string value as part of the metric report
definition as shown below:

      "": "/redfish/v1/Chassis/AC_Baseboard/Power#/Voltages/16",
      "@odata.type": "#Power.v1_0_0.Voltage",
      "LowerThresholdCritical": 0.729,
      "LowerThresholdNonCritical": 0.752,
      "MaxReadingRange": 2.4140596060291633,
      "MemberId": "PVCCINFAON_CPU2",
      "MinReadingRange": 0.0,
      "Name": "PVCCINFAON CPU2",
      "ReadingVolts": 1.0583,

I am trying to stream the orange fields together with the metric report def

 POST https://$BMCIP/redfish/v1/TelemetryService/MetricReportDefinitions -H
"Content-Type: application/json"  -d
  "MetricProperties/0 at Message.ExtendedInfo": [
      "@odata.type": "#Message.v1_1_1.Message",
      "Message": "The value
/redfish/v1/Chassis/AC_Baseboard/Thermal#/Temperatures/1/Name for the
property MetricProperties/0 is not in the list of acceptable values.",
      "MessageArgs": [
      "MessageId": "Base.1.8.1.PropertyValueNotInList",
      "MessageSeverity": "Warning",
      "Resolution": "Choose a value from the enumeration list that the
implementation can support and resubmit the request if the operation

The metric report is created if I remove the Name field. The issue is that
without the name of the sensor, the collecting system will not have any way
to associate the sensor name and its value. How do I get this working?

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