[Phishing Risk] [External] AST2500 u-boot breakage with CONFIG_RAM=y

Zhang Jian zhangjian.3032 at bytedance.com
Sat Oct 1 13:21:16 AEST 2022

Hi Zev,

I had some similar questions about this .

On Sat, Oct 1, 2022 at 5:09 AM Zev Weiss <zev at bewilderbeest.net> wrote:
> Hello u-boot/Aspeed folks,
> I recently set about getting e3c246d4i switched over to
> u-boot-aspeed-sdk from the old u-boot branch, but after building and
> installing it I ran into some odd misbehavior.
> It's not entirely consistent -- sometimes the kernel hand-off goes
> alright but then the kernel's boot sequence hangs a few seconds in,
Load the kernel is slow, will cause my 22's watchdog timeout.
> sometimes it hangs before I get any kernel console output at all, and
I disabled the watchdog, and always hang in the kernel.
[    2.382046] ftgmac100 1e660000.ethernet: Read MAC address 2e:38:9e:24:b0:7c p
[    2.389968] ftgmac100 1e660000.ethernet: Using NCSI interface
[    2.397721] ftgmac100 1e660000.ethernet eth0: irq 20, mapped at (ptrval)
[    2.405224] ftgmac100 1e680000.ethernet: Read MAC address d2:8a:d4:b8:26:da
> sometimes I end up with the following error message from u-boot as it
> loads the kernel FIT image:
>    fdt_find_or_add_subnode: chosen: FDT_ERR_BADSTRUCTURE
>    ERROR: /chosen node create failed
>     - must RESET the board to recover.
>    FDT creation failed! hanging...### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###
> Additionally, if I try to boot a FIT image loaded via TFTP I
> consistently get checksum-mismatch errors on the kernel subimage portion
> (though the exact same FIT image loaded from flash passes that check).
> I wasn't able to reproduce any misbehavior in qemu, unfortunately.
> I had previously tested the 2019.04 u-boot branch on this platform and
> not hit any problems like this, so I started bisecting between the
> version that had worked before and the current version, which landed me
> on Joel's recent patch adding CONFIG_RAM=y to the evb-ast2500 defconfig
> (commit 0545d7325ff0cb1a77dc6f8007f74f415840fd90).  I confirmed that
> setting CONFIG_RAM=n gets things working normally again.
Me too.

> Looking into the code that CONFIG_RAM=y enables, I added some debug
> prints to arch/arm/mach-aspeed/ast2500/board_common.c and verified that
> the dram_init() routine was setting gd->ram_size to the same value in
> both cases.  However, I noticed there's also one instruction in
> platform.S that's included when CONFIG_RAM is enabled [1].  My
> recollection of ARM assembly is fairly rusty, but I believe that's just
> an early return short-circuiting the rest of the initialization code in
> that routine, perhaps with the intent that that work will get taken care
> of by C code in the Aspeed RAM driver instead?  In any case, I
> experimented with leaving CONFIG_RAM=y but removing just that
> instruction, and it seems to resolve the problems I was seeing -- so if
> my interpretation does match the actual intent, it seems like there's
> some discrepancy between the initialization done in the C code and the
> assembly code, though I'm not sure what it might be.  For what it's
> worth, it did seem like the CONFIG_RAM=n build ran noticeably faster.
> Does anyone have any thoughts as to what might be going on, or tips on
> how to go about debugging further?
> Thanks,
> Zev
> [1] https://github.com/openbmc/u-boot/blob/8e834983d0a6b9265cee1674564b016565630883/arch/arm/mach-aspeed/ast2500/platform.S#L663-L665

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