How to config sol uart/serial io addr on ast2500?

不语 junhengdi at
Tue Jun 21 16:16:06 AEST 2022

Dear openbmcer,

As I know by default , ast2500 on espi or lpc is IO slave with base io addr 0x3f8 . Cpu console send uart/com data to ast2500 by access io addr 0x3f8 which is mapped to espi or lpc.Then ast2500 get the data and send to one of uart.

I have several questions about the realization or operation as follows:

1  I want to know the function of espi slave 0x3f8 on ast2500 is realization by some kernel drivers or solidified on the chip rom?

                2  How to config the uart/serial base io addr such as  0x2f8 ,0x2e8 by ast2500 register? 

3  How to config which ast2500 uart will interactive with 0x3f8 by ast2500 register? 

Any advice will be appreciated.


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