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Mon Jun 6 12:16:11 AEST 2022

Hi Brad ,
发件人:Brad Bishop <bradleyb at>
发送日期:2022-05-09 22:41:44
收件人:"成修治" <xzcheng at>
抄送人:openbmc at,"陈小春" <xcchen at>,"白琨" <kbai at>,"王亚洲" <yzwang at>
主题:Re: New repo request: kunlun-ipmi-oem>On Mon, May 09, 2022 at 11:38:11AM +0800, 成修治 wrote:
>>Hi Brad ,
>>   Would you like to help me to create a new repo kunlun-ipmi-oem for kunlun oem IPMI command handling?
>Hello Xiuzhi
>Can you open an issue with your new repository request here:
>Here is an example of a previous new repository request issue:
I have created an issue No.15:
Is it ready  to create this repository ? or need I do anything else for this?

>>And please add
>>  kbai at
>>to my company's CCLA
>Apologies but I cannot add new developers to your CCLA.  That must be 
>done by someone already listed your CCLA, and they must be denoted as a 
>CLA Manager.  Please have someone like that send an updated Schedule A, 
>and I will review it and upload it to the Google drive where we store 
>Thanks - Brad

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