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Nikhil V nikhil.vu at zohocorp.com
Wed Jun 1 18:36:17 AEST 2022


          I have successfully ported openbmc on beaglebone black. I have displayed LM75, and ADC result on webui.

          Now I am doing the same with Entity Manager. I have displayed LM75 result successfully, But unable to display ADC result through Entity Manager.

          Below is my Config file.


    "Exposes": [


            "Index": 0,

            "Name": "PSU 12 Volt",

            "ScaleFactor": 0.1124,

            "Type": "ADC"



            "Index": 1,

            "Name": "PSU 5 Volt",

            "ScaleFactor": 1,

            "Type": "ADC"



            "Address": "0x48",

            "Bus": 2,

            "Name": "Ambient 0 Temp",

            "Type": "TMP75"



    "Name": "xplode",

    "Probe": "True",

    "Type": "Board"


1) How to display ADC value through entity manager

2) I would like to control single pwm pin

Any pointer would be helpful or what are the steps to display adc value/PWM control

Board used : Beaglebone Black

Thanks & Regards,

Nikhil Muley
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