OpenBMC 2.12 release candidate

Patrick Williams patrick at
Sat Jul 30 02:01:59 AEST 2022


Yocto 4.0 (kirkstone) was released back in April and around the same
time I had branched our own openbmc/kirkstone to match.  I've been
keeping this branch updated as upstream kirkstone fixes have come but we
haven't made an official OpenBMC 2.12 release yet.

I just made two new tags in our repository: 2.12.0-rc1 and 2.13.0-dev.

  - 2.12.0-rc1 is the tip of openbmc/kirkstone and intended to be the
    release candidate for OpenBMC 2.12.

  - 2.13.0-dev is the point of split between openbmc/kirkstone and
    openbmc/master (really 1 commit later on master).  This causes
    `git describe` (and corresponding /etc/os-release files in builds)
    to show 2.13.0-dev now.

I will leave kirkstone / 2.12.0-rc1 open for 2 weeks for downstream
users to report issues.  If there are no reported problems (or just
minor problems that we're not going to backport fixes for), by
August 12th, 2022, then I'll tag 2.12.0.

As usual, we'd appreciate any downstream testing that contributors can

Patrick Williams
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