BMCWeb support new HTTP headers Referrer-Policy and Feature-Policy renamed to Permissions-Policy

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Sat Jul 23 06:31:25 AEST 2022

BMCWeb maintainers,

This is a request to add new HTTP headers.  Some of the newer dynamic 
security scanners are looking for the "new" HTTP headers and complain if 
they are not present.  The headers include:
- Referrer-Policy
- Permissions-Policy
- Feature-Policy renamed to Permissions-Policy

Should we support these in BMCWeb?  Maybe as hard-coded response header.
For example, for the Permissions-Policy, would we ever need to 
accelerometer or microphone?
When selecting the Referrer-Policy we should select secure default 
values, and also consider the Web GUI development scenario when the Web 
site is hosted off of the BMC.

I am not an expert on HTTP headers and I do not know what values to 
use.  My purpose is to determine if these headers are useful (I believe 
they are) and update BMCWeb to set some sane values.


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