2022H2 TOF Elections

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Wed Jul 20 07:10:24 AEST 2022

Hello Developers,

Since we are into July, the 2nd half TOF cycle starts.  See this
document for a reminder on the process:


There are 3 important points:

   1. The current TOF publishes a list of eligible developers for the
      next TOF election (that is the primary purpose of this email).

   2. Nominations are open for TOF members and run through the end of

   3. The election, if necessary, is to begin September 1st.

Now for the details...

## Eligible developers.

Contributions made from January through June qualified for this TOF
cycle.  We have 82 developers [currently] qualified for voting in this
cycle and they are listed here:


Anyone who feels they made contributions to the project which did not
show up in our metrics may request to be added to this roll-call by
opening an issue by July 31st to the current TOF at:


## Nominations for TOF membership

We currently have 2 TOF members who's term is completed and 1 open seat,
for a total of 3 seats available during this cycle.  Nominations, either
self-nominations or of others, should be sent to the mailing list by
July 31st.  Remember that only those qualified to vote may be nominated,
but anyone may nominate someone from the roll-call list.

Brad and Ed are the two members who will have their term concluded and
the open seat is due to a resignation.  If we have 3 or less developers
nominated for the TOF then the election will not be necessary.

Patrick Williams
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