Extending phosphor-gpio-monitor to expose gpio objects on dbus

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Jul 18 20:10:49 AEST 2022

Patrick Williams <patrick at stwcx.xyz> wrote:
    > I'd say about every 6 months someone proposes a change to
    > phosphor-dbus-interface with the addition of a "Generic GPIO interface"
    > and it has always been rejected.  This has gotten to be so regular that
    > I should probably try to track them down in a list so the discussions
    > there can be easily referred to.

So, clearly some developers think that they need this :-)

I read:

and this is good, but is little too abstract to be useful I think.

I would like to suggest three things.
1) link to some situations where this has been proposed, and then a smarter
resolution via another method might be good.  Is there a link to the
host-power on code as a clear commit?

2) I wonder about situations where developers are trying to get access to
some kind of debug info into the field, and that's why they look this.  That
is, there isn't a way to wrap it up into something abstract, because the
point is to allow for deeper examination.

3) maybe link to situations where dbus has failed to be fast enough.

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