Virtual media support in the Redfish spec

Jeff Friedman jeff.friedman at
Tue Jul 12 10:01:16 AEST 2022

Hello Redfish forum users,

I was recently working with a BMC vendor and asked about Redfish virtual media support, and their reply was they follow the Redfish 1.9 spec. So I was looking for virtual media functionality in the spec but only found the following regarding this function (Redfish Spec 1.9.0):

5.6.5. Remote access support clause. Remote management functionality typically includes access mechanisms for redirecting operator interfaces such as serial console, keyboard video and mouse (KVM-IP), command shell, or command-line interface, and virtual media. While these mechanisms are critical functionality, they cannot be reasonably implemented as a RESTful interface. Therefore, this standard does not define the protocols or access mechanisms for those services but encourages implementations that leverage existing standards. However, the Redfish schema includes resources and properties that enable client discovery of these capabilities and access mechanisms to enable interoperability.

I define this as DTMF has decided not to include virtual media (an other remote access functions) in the specification, instead provide schema support and encourage "implementations that leverage existing standards". Meaning there is no formal requirement for virtual media support defined in the Redfish spec. So a BMC vendor can adhere to the spec and not provide virtual media functionality. Am I interpreting this correctly?

Thank you,

Jeff Fredman
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