Security Working Group - Wednesday May 26 - results

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Thu May 27 04:59:57 AEST 2021

On 5/26/21 8:43 AM, Joseph Reynolds wrote:
> This is a reminder of the OpenBMC Security Working Group meeting 
> scheduled for this Wednesday May 26 at 10:00am PDT.
> We'll discuss the following items on the agenda 
> <>, 
> and anything else that comes up:
Bonus topic 0: We overviewed OpenBMC's security assurance documentation 
at the start of the meeting.

> 1. Followup from last meeting re uboot, kexec, sysrq-trigger on ARM 
> architecture.
We re-hashed the discussion, added new information, and added new concerns.

> 2. Interest in reviewing TLS protocols supported?
Yes.  We discussed CBC ciphers and HMACs.  Should we disable client 
Then we re-hashed the discussion about the HTTPS self-signed certificate 
10 year duration.

Items added after the agenda was emailed:
3. user-manager: authentication & password management helper for 
netipmid and bmcweb for non-root environment to drop direct PAM use. 
Privilege separation and Master processes to handle users’ sessions
Idea: Forward all authentication & password change & account change 
requests to user-manager which would then need to be enhanced to check 
authority when a request is made.  Then phosphor-user-manager would need 
root-like authority or a Linux capability to use PAM to change any 
user’s password.
Does phosphor-user-manager also need to be (or work in tandem with) a 
session manager?  Then we can remove session management from IPMI 
network and from BMCWeb, which would be modified to use user-manager.

Also consider how session-less unauthenticated host-IPMI would work.

- Joseph

> Access, agenda and notes are in the wiki:
> <>
> - Joseph

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