phosphor-host-ipmid will crash on aarch64

Mon May 17 13:21:14 AEST 2021

Hi Rthomaiy,  Vmauery,  Pstrinkle, Jayaprakashmutyala,

When I build phosphor-host-ipmid for aarch64 platform, size_t will be 8 bytes, but in aarch32 sizte_t will be 4 bytes, so ipmid will crash at, due to the data size of hashsize and ivsize and padsize and macsize is 4 bytes in /etc/ipmi_pass, but ipmid will read those data as 8 bytes.
* Meta data struct for encrypted password file
struct MetaPassStruct
    char signature[10];
    unsigned char reseved[2];
    size_t hashSize;
    size_t ivSize;
    size_t dataSize;
    size_t padSize;
    size_t macSize;

If I replace size_t in this structure with unsigned int, then ipmid will not crash at this point.
But those fields in this structure are also used to store the return value from other functions, like EVP_MD_block_size(),
And the return type is also size_t.

Do you have any idea about this issue?
Maybe we could just discard the Most Significant 4 Bytes? (I guess these 4 bytes are not used)



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