mtools bitbake failure

Mike Jones proclivis at
Wed May 12 07:30:24 AEST 2021

I want to document a problem with mtools to see if this can be fixed or put on a bug list.

The failure occurs when:

- using meta-phosphor and meta-raspberrypi
- using the default scripts/install-buildtools

When "wic create” is run mtools commands will fail with error “Error converting to codepage 850"

The cause is iconv does not support CP850.

A solution is to use a newer version of the build tools, say 3.2.3, like this:

scripts/install-buildtools --without-extended-buildtools \
          --base-url <> \
          --release yocto-3.2.3 \
          --installer-version 3.2.3

However, the install-buildtools script will fail for two reasons:

- It looks for file extension sha256 instead of sha256sum
- The regular expression looks for two spaces like this \s\s and the file only has one space

A quick look at poky 3.3 which is near in time to the iconv fixes, upon inspection, fix both of these problems.

So if openbmc moved to poky 3.3, it would solve this problem.

I also noticed that the regex uses \s+, so it should not break using older build tools based on md5sum.

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