CI build for quanta/gbs

Andrew Geissler geissonator at
Wed May 5 23:25:29 AEST 2021

> On May 5, 2021, at 1:26 AM, George Hung (洪忠敬) <George.Hung at> wrote:
> Hi Andrew Geissler,
> We have ported many OpenBMC features to quanta/gbs machine (Nuvoton BMC platform) and hope it could be added to CI build, could you help add quanta/gbs machine to CI build verification ? (I'm not familiar with this, if there's anything we need to do first, please let us know)

Hey George,

Getting a new system into CI doesn’t have the most defined process but
I think in general it has to fall under one of these due to our constraints
in compute power for CI:

1) Propose an existing system in CI to replace (and the benefits of that)
2) Donate a jenkins compute node to openbmc CI
3) Convince the community that your system provides additional meta-*
    layer coverage (or some other critical benefit) that would be worth
    the additional hit to the existing CI infrastructure.

We currently have a “gsj” system in CI. Would it make sense to replace
it with this new “gbs” machine?

> Thanks a lot.
> Best Regards 
> George Hung

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