How to add Redfish EventLog using commands

Thang Nguyen thang at
Tue May 4 19:53:37 AEST 2021


I am looking for the mechanism to add events to Redfish EventLog. I 
checked on the Redfish EventService design 
and it seems only has C++ functional calls (sd_journal_send(), 
phosphor::logging::log(), ...) but not user commands that can be used in 
the shell script.

There are many use cases for adding EventLogs:

1. Use phosphor-gpio-monitor to monitor signals like power/reset, 
button, ... and log the event

2. Use phosphor-gpio-monitor to check if the Host boot fail, control the 
mux to switch to other boot devices, along with logging events.

3. Check device presences (from /sys interfaces) and log events, ...

I checked on existing repositories like phosphor-sel-logger, 
dbus-sensors, ... and they only support events for their features (like 
power dc on/off, sensor threshold, inventory data added/removed, ...) 
and the Redfish events added in C++.

I can have a C++ codes to just support options to add different EventLog 
data with parameters. But it can't be inside meta- folder so need a 
repository for it. I think it's not worth for creating a new repo just 
to support an application with dozen like of codes to just add EventLog.

Do you have any idea of any existing repo support adding Redfish 
EventLog from script/command line or any repo that we can extend to 
support such command?

Best Regards,

Thang Q. Nguyen -

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