Request to create ampere-platform-mgmt and ampere-ipmi-oem repos

Thang Nguyen thang at
Tue May 4 11:47:16 AEST 2021

On 30/04/2021 21:25, Patrick Williams wrote:
> On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 07:48:14PM +0700, Thang Nguyen wrote:
>> I intend to push Ampere specific features, you can find current codes at
> It seems to me like all of the functional areas you mentioned we already
> have some sort of implementation.  It would be better if you could work
> with the maintainers on these repositories to see how it can be enhanced
> to support your use case.  As I mentioned in another email thread today,
> I really don't want to see catch-all repositories being created.
> If you have specific features that aren't covered by an existing
> repository or you feel like you've ran into a roadblock coming to
> consensus with the developers already working in those areas, we should
> revisit making repositories for those specific functional areas.
>> It is good to have any of below can be implemented with current existing
>> repositories:
>> - utilities to flash Ampere Host firmware and NVPARM: Boot EEPROM,
>> UEFI/ATF firmware, ...
> Are these extra utilities or the firmware update procedures themselves?
> Have you already implemented support in phosphor-bmc-code-mgmt?  There
> are other systems that have BIOS update for x86 done in that repository.
>> - Control boot EEPROM based on current input GPIO and log the
>> information into Redfish
>> (
> This looks like something that could be implemented with
> phosphor-gpio-monitor.  Have you looked at that?
>> - Handle boot progress from Ampere's Altra SMpro, log the progress into
>> Redfish and update dbus. Note that the boot progress is based on
>> information from EDK2 and other firmware like ATF and SMpro.
> You can probably fit this into the existing post-code repositories:
>      - phosphor-host-postd
>      - phosphor-post-code-manager
> We recently did similar for a system where we get the post codes over
> IPMB rather than GPIOs.
Thanks Patrick for the information. Let me investigate more on these 
repositories to see if I can use them for Ampere specific requirements.
>> - Handle events from Ampere Altra's SMpro (like Sideband controller) and
>> log to IPMI SEL and Redfish.
> This sounds like it should go into ampere-ipmi-oem?  I'm making an
> assumption that the SMpro is an IPMB path, which might be wrong.

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