x86-power-control: NMI Enabled

Andrei Kartashev a.kartashev at yadro.com
Tue Jun 22 06:56:20 AEST 2021


I was a bit confused today when I found that x86-power-control uses
undocumented "Enabled" property of
xyz.openbmc_project.Chassis.Control.NMISource interface (see links
The xyz.openbmc_project.Chassis.Control.NMISource is hosted by Settings
daemon and thus should store persistent configuration information.

According to the sources, "Enabled" is used to store internal state of
NMI operation or even to trigger NMI. My confusion is about if it
really required to have this state to be persistent over reboot? I
almost sure, it doesn't. But even if it does, it should not be hosted
by Settings daemon as semantically it is not a configuration option.

Does anyone know, Is there any software that depend on this Enabled
property? Otherwise I prefer to cut it out.


Best regards,
Andrei Kartashev

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