how to model a card with connectors along with the slots on dbus?

Sampa Misra sampmisr at
Wed Jun 16 16:54:02 AEST 2021


At present the DBus modelling in bmc for slots and adapters is not
"/board/slot/adapter" but it is "/board/slot" and "board/adapter" and
there is no association made between a slot and an adapter.
But the host would require the board->slot->adapter relationship

The question is: What are the D-Bus paths meant to represent?
Containment? Technically speaking the slot does not contain the card.
But then how to know the relationship between slot and card so that
pldm can create an entity hierarchy like `/board/slot/card` ?

What would be the accurate dbus model to establish the relation among
slot and card:

Please add your inputs.


Sampa Misra
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