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we are developing openBMC port for the Daytona platform with ATS 2500 BMC.  I  need the following functionality to be implemented.

1. Capture of the LSB of the 32-bit post code  and lit 8 LEDs on the GPIOAA port  by configuring SNPWADR with one address of 0x0080 and directing the data to the GPIO port pins GPIOAA[7:0].

2. Also read and store the 32-bit Post code as  4 bytes from the  the LPC I/O write cycles directed to  Port address 0x0080 , 0x0081, 0x0082 and 0x0083  in the root  file system for every power cycle and later display on the web GUI by  Configuring  post code control register PCCR0-3 for  DMA/FIFO mode. 

Could you please let  us know if  implementation for the above said two is available in  openBMC community else suggest implementation   pointers.


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