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Tue Jun 8 16:47:37 AEST 2021

Thanks Joel, it works now.

best regards

Jeff Chan
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To: Jeff9 Chan(陳松儉_ASRockRack)
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On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 at 02:01, Jeff9 Chan(陳松儉_ASRockRack)
<Jeff9_Chan at> wrote:
> Re-send

Please use plain text email when posting to the list. This is a good
rule to follow for all open source mailing lists.

>         I got below error when I try to push meta-asrockrack layer to gerrit.
>         Is that means my email is not listed in the list?
> To ssh://openbmc.gerrit/openbmc/openbmc
> ! [remote rejected]     HEAD -> refs/for/master (commit 1d9951c: not Signed-off-by author/committer/uploader in message footer)

Here is the error:

  (commit 1d9951c: not Signed-off-by author/committer/uploader in
message footer)

> commit 1d9951c5518a7bdf88a5de16a41ae2f337e1b2ed (HEAD -> master)
> Author: Jeff9Chan <jeff9_chan at>
> Date:   Tue Jun 8 09:15:44 2021 +0800
>     add meta-asrockrack layer
>     Signed-off-by: Jeff Chan <Jeff9_Chan at>
>     Change-Id: I1686133e0093e4e00adeadc068972396c8dc4fab

 I suspect Gerrit's filtering diddn't notice the s-o-b in the middle
of your commit message. Normal style is to place it at the bottom of
the on the line immediately above or below the change id. Try git
commit --amend and moving it so the message looks like this:

Add meta-asrockrack layer

Change-Id: I1686133e0093e4e00adeadc068972396c8dc4fab
Signed-off-by: Jeff Chan <Jeff9_Chan at>



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