Milton Miller II miltonm at
Tue Jun 8 15:44:33 AEST 2021

Jeff9 Chan(陳松儉_ASRockRack)" wrote:

> Hi Milton,
	My user account in Github/Gerrit is Jeff9Chan, but registered CLA account is 'Jeff Chan < Jeff9_Chan at>'
	Should I re-register CLA info?

Milton> you should not need to reregister.

There are three items here:

Your name, which some projects like the Linux kernel require to be your legal name. This would be how you are addressed in person.   

Your email address, where we can send email and you will receive it

Your GitHub account name, which we also use in the OpenBMC gerrit

Your git client needs your name and email but not your GitHub account name.   That's only needed to setup GitHub and to login to gerrit.   

For instance I sign with Milton Miller but don't need my GitHub account  mdmillerii

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