Milton Miller II miltonm at
Tue Jun 8 12:44:59 AEST 2021

On June 6, 2021, Jeff Chan wrote:
>  Hi Bradley,
>          I got below error when I try to push meta-asrockrack layer
>to gerrit.
>          Is that means my email is not listed in the list?
>  To ssh://openbmc.gerrit/openbmc/openbmc
>  ! [remote rejected]     HEAD -> refs/for/master (commit 1d9951c:
>not Signed-off-by author/committer/uploader in message footer)
>  error: failed to push some refs to
>          My procedure is:
>    1.       Git clone openbmc
>    2.       Add meta-asrockrack layer
>    3.       git remote add gerrit
>    4.       git commit
>    5.       git push gerrit
>  My git log:
>  commit 1d9951c5518a7bdf88a5de16a41ae2f337e1b2ed (HEAD -> master)
>  Author: Jeff9Chan <jeff9_chan at>

The Author name is Jeff9Chan here

>  Date:   Tue Jun 8 09:15:44 2021 +0800
>      add meta-asrockrack layer
>      Signed-off-by: Jeff Chan <Jeff9_Chan at>

The Signed-off-by is Jeff Chan here.

The email has different case, not sure if that matters.  But the 
name format likley does.

You can control the format of the author and committer via 
git config --global  "Jeff Chan"
git config --global Jeff9_Chan at

You can amend the author with git commit --amend --reset-author

Hope this helps,

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