Kernel MCTP patches posted to netdev

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Thu Jun 3 17:25:21 AEST 2021

Hi OpenBMCers,

Just letting you know I've sent the first RFC of the in-kernel MCTP
patches to the netdev mailing list:

Since I suspect there'll be a bit of kernel-specific discussion there,
I have not CCed this (openbmc) list.

If you're interested in reviewing, or checking out the tree in general,
I'd encourage you to keep an eye on that discussion. If you'd rather
not subscribe to netdev, the page above has a download
link for the mbox file (mbox.gz), which you can load into your
favourite mail program. Alternatively, you can check out the patches on
github, in my 'mctp' branch:

- but note that I'll be updating/rebasing that branch as reviews come

I'll update this list with progress of the upstream submission too.



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