Question on phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor

Thang Q. Nguyen thang at
Fri Dec 31 21:51:41 AEDT 2021

 From the guideline in phosphor-gpio-monitor for the multi-gpio-monitor 
configuration at, 
there are 3 supported values for EventMon: FALLING, RISING and BOTH.
In the case of BOTH, is there any way to check if the event is triggered 
because of rising or falling event? An application for this case if for 
CPU Fault GPIO from Host CPU. Asserting the GPIO means there is fault 
from CPU and deasserting it indidcates the issue is cleared. With 
gpio-keys and phosphor-gpio-monitor, I can support both case but I 
wonder if we can support with phosphor-multi-gpio-monitor which has 
better and cleaner configuration file.
Does anyone know about this?

Best Regards,
Thang Q. Nguyen

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