Virtual Media repository request

Czarnowski, Przemyslaw przemyslaw.hawrylewicz.czarnowski at
Mon Dec 20 23:54:57 AEDT 2021

On 17.12.2021 10:45, Jeremy Kerr wrote:
> Hi Przemyslaw,
>> I am ok with that approach, but I just wanted to separate service code
>> and JS nbd server, as they are quite distinct entities from my
>> perspective.
> The actual nbd server code is tiny; only around 260 lines of javascript.
> I don't think it's worth keeping a whole repo for that, given we would
> not be using the jsnbd/nbd-proxy code.
> So, I'd suggest just including this with the new VM implementation, or
> moving it alongside the rest of the web ui.

Ok, got it.

I plan to start pushing changes here this week.

There is just a one thing to be determined.
Currently, the "proxy" mode handler for websocket in bmcweb is defined 
as /vm/0/0 (see include/vm_websocket.hpp:161).
New service handler (to be found in include/nbd_proxy.hpp) requires 
websocket defined as /nbd/<str> as more slots can be available.
This breaks the old API.
I believe there should be a kind of migration period for applications 
that use old location and format before the old one is turned off.
For /nbd location there is already implemented UI module to handle that 
(but needs to be enabled).

Who is aware of such applications?

> Cheers,
> Jeremy

Best regards,
Przemyslaw Czarnowski

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