Virtual Media repository request

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Tue Dec 14 13:11:17 AEDT 2021

Hi all,

> Maybe Ed's proposal of using an existing repository solves that.  We
> would need to make sure the current maintainer is accepting of
> whatever design direction you've decided to go though.

I'm fine with replacing the jsnbd code with a newer implementation,
provided there's general community acceptance for doing so. If that's
the case, I'm happy to use the existing repo, or replacing openbmc/jsnbd
entirely - whatever suits best.

[Perhaps in your design document, you can expand the Alternatives
Considered section, to provide some motivation to change over]

However, I'm *not* OK with just introducing a completely alternate VM
implementation and leaving jsnbd as-is, where some platforms use one,
and some the other. We have way too many instances where there are two
separate implementations and/or repos that deliver the same
functionality. I would like to avoid making that problem worse.

So, either:

 - submit these as updates to jsnbd, which implement the new structure as
   you like. I'd be happy to hand over the repo to the new maintainers.


 - provide the new VM implementation as a new repo, propose to change
   platforms to use the new implementation, and we can delete jsnbd.



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