Etag support in openbmc

Ed Tanous ed at
Sun Dec 12 08:28:02 AEDT 2021

We previously supported etag for static resources, hence the
references to them.  They were removed when I moved phosphor-webui to
webpack builds, and it was always on my list to add them back, using
webpacks hashing mechanisms, but I never got a chance.

In practice, they didn't provide that much utility because most browsers:
1. only cache if you have a valid SSL certificate.
2. Have a very limited cache size.
3. Don't support cross site etag caches.

So in practice, the cache didn't provide any benefit in a majority of cases.

In terms of supporting etags on non-static resources, that's quite
complex, given that cache invalidation is difficult, and likely
deserves its own design document.


On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 8:04 PM Mohammed.Habeeb ISV
<mohammed.habeeb at> wrote:
> Hi
> Do we have the Etag support in OpenBMC? I see there is a mention of ETag in
> bmcweb file redfish-core/src / error_messages.cpp, however not sure if Etag is supported.
> Please let me know.
> Regards

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