GUI - Mutual TLS - Help Wanted for Testing

Derick Montague Derick.Montague at
Wed Oct 28 02:36:48 AEDT 2020


We have recently merged a Gerrit review that added support for Mutual TLS
in the same manner that the phosphor-webui implemented it. IBM is not using
mTLS and I didn't do a good job reaching out to the community for support.

Ed Tanuous brought it to the IBM design team's attention that mTLS was a
missing feature in webui-vue, so a Help Wanted story was added. The feature
was implemented and was in a Gerrit review for roughly 4 weeks before it was
merged. However, we were not able to test the feature.

We are looking for help for someone in the community that uses mTLS to test on
their systems. If for some reason the feature is not working as expected, we
will open a bug and make every effort to resolve the issue.

Gerrit review:
GitHub story: 

Thank you!
Derick Montague
IBM Cognitive Systems User Experience

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