failures in docker CI with libipmi

Jason Ling jasonling at
Sat Oct 24 11:12:07 AEDT 2020

I'm also experiencing CI failures.

One is exactly the same that Patrick mentioned, when building on PPC I also
see the

mv: cannot stat '': No such file or directory

But another strange error I'm seeing is that phosphor-host-ipmid fails to
build during the CI for phosphor-ipmi-flash but *succeeds* when
building for the CI for phosphor-host-ipmid.

*Trigger the CI for phosphor-ipmi-flash by pushing a trivial patch (fails
building using the x86 container)*
Jenkins Log

*Trigger the CI for phosphor-host-ipmi by pushing another trivial patch
(succeeds building using the PPC container)*
Jenkins Log

*Strangely enough the CI for phosphor-host-ipmi passes yet the CI for
phosphor-ipmi-flash fails*
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