Tioga Pass OEM 0x30/0x38 commands

Neil Bradley Neil_Bradley at phoenix.com
Wed Oct 21 14:06:41 AEDT 2020

Thanks Vijay! We’ll look again closely.

We literally tried all commands in the 0x30 and 0x36 group and all came back as 0xc1 (unspecified error) and Get FLASH info (0x55) came back with 0xff. But now that we know where to look, we’ll double check our work.

Thank you!


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OEM commands are implemented in repo fb-ipmi-oem, can you please point me to command which are not implemented.


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Subject: Tioga Pass OEM 0x30/0x38 commands

Greetings fellow OpenBMCers –

I was looking through the Tioga Pass (TP) product specification and see there’s a table of OEM commands (0x30/0x38) that, after testing with the TP BMC on the latest OpenBMC tree, have found they are not there. Does anyone know where (or if) these commands are implemented, and where they’re located?

Additionally, it seems like some of the commands are semi-duplicated functionality-wise with pushing the entire SMBIOS table down to the BMC, which we are doing for one of our customers.


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