Enable/Disable some sensors when Host On/Off

Thu Ba Nguyen tbnguyen1985 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 02:23:57 AEDT 2020

Thanks for your reply Matt Spinler,

Can you show me the discussion threads?

I also thought about the solution for that features:
In the current hwmon we support GPIOCHIP + GPIO option which used to enable
sensors to read. In the hwmon code, we just set that pin and wait before
I think we can support a similar option named GPIOENABLE + GPIOV. When the
status of Gpio pin defind in GPIOEANBLE match with GPIOV.
That sensors will be read and update to Dbus.
If not it will be removed from DBus until the GPIO pin math GPIOV.
Maybe we can have many different solutions.

If you don't mind, can you tell me how IBM supports that features?

Thu Nguyen.

On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 9:16 PM Matt Spinler <mspinler at linux.ibm.com> wrote:

> On 10/18/2020 8:58 AM, Thu Ba Nguyen wrote:
> > Dear, I'm supporting the host sensors for Ampere Computing LLC
> > platform. We are...
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> >
> > Dear,
> >
> > I'm supporting the host sensors for Ampere Computing LLC platform.
> > We are using phosphor-hwmon to update values of sensors and monitoring
> > sensors warning/errors base on threshold setting.
> >
> > There are some sensors which are turned off when host Off. It can be
> > the sensors reported by host or voltage/temperature/power sensors
> >  which use the same power source with host.
> >
> > I researched in openBmc sensor-architecture documents but can't find
> > any option to enable/disable sensors base on one status or GPIO pins.
> > I can't use REMOVERCS.
> >
> > Research in phosphor-hwmon code, I don't see the answer too.
> >
> > Do we have any options/solution to Enable/Disable some sensors when
> > Host On/Off?
> Hi,
> The phosphor-hwmon code doesn't support that yet.  It has been discussed
> before but nobody
> has implemented it.
> >
> > Thanks.
> > Thu Nguyen.
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