Please contribute to the OpenBMC configuration guide

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Sat Oct 17 05:12:37 AEDT 2020

On 10/7/20 11:27 AM, Joseph Reynolds wrote:
> Dear OpenBMC community,
> A new [Configuration Guide wiki page]() is intended to help builders 
> and BMC admins.  You can help by editing the wiki with corrections or 
> additions, even if only to suggest new item.  I plan to move this to 
> the docs repo.
> [Configuration Guide wiki page]: 

Please contribute to the OpenBMC configuration guide.  This is your 
opportunity to pass along advice to someone building an OpenBMC-based 
firmware image or to a BMC administrator who needs to configure a BMC.

- Joseph

> Please take a look!
> - Joseph
> I need this for my planned work including:
> - Transition the project from the root user to an admin user.
> - Understand how to disable-by-default services like IPMI and SSH.

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