Anton Kachalov rnouse at google.com
Thu Oct 15 05:47:57 AEDT 2020

With moving from root-only environment to unprivileged users' space, we
need to ensure a smooth transition. To achieve that we need a mechanism for
one-shot per-package scripts that would take care of migration. That's not
only about groups & owners, but a general approach. It's similar to
firstboot, but has a different purpose.

I'm going to prototype a robust / naive solution to start a service before
everything else in the system with a condition (non-empty /etc/migration.d)
and iterate through all files. Each script has to run at list with "set -e"
to bail out on failures. If the script succeeded -- it will be removed.

The tricky part is: what if the script fails? Keep it, ignore the failure
and proceed with others and then boot the system? Or proceed other scripts
as well and then enter some "failure state"?
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