[redfish/v1/Systems/system/Processors] How does it work on wolf pass?

Zhenfei Tai ztai at google.com
Sat Oct 10 11:57:09 AEDT 2020


I've been testing bmcweb and noticed the response from the URI
`redfish/v1/Systems/system/Processors` contains an empty collection.

  "@odata.id": "/redfish/v1/Systems/system/Processors/",
  "@odata.type": "#ProcessorCollection.ProcessorCollection",
  "Members": [],
  "Members at odata.count": 0,
  "Name": "Processor Collection"

Looking at bmcweb code, it seems to look for dbus interfaces
`xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Item.Cpu` and
`xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Item.Accelerator`. However they can't be
seen in dbus.

# busctl tree --no-pager xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Item.Cpu
Failed to introspect object / of service
xyz.openbmc_project.Inventory.Item.Cpu: The name is not activatable

Entity-manager and cpu-sensor are running in addition to bmcweb. The
entity-manager config is below and I can see the config is picked up in

  "Exposes": [
        "Address": "0x30",
        "Bus": 0,
        "CpuID": 1,
        "Name": "CPU 1",
        "Type": "XeonCPU"
        "Address": "0x31",
        "Bus": 0,
        "CpuID": 2,
        "Name": "CPU 2",
        "Type": "XeonCPU"
  "Name": "internal_code_name",
  "Probe": "xyz.openbmc_project.FruDevice({'BOARD_PRODUCT_NAME':
  "Type": "Board"

I'm not sure what else is required to have the URI work properly. Could
someone familiar with this issue help?

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