Get inventory FRU from inventory system path

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I am trying to get the data from this path “https://<bmcip>/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system<https://%3cbmcip%3e/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system>”.
But only get the following data from this path.

"/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system": {
"AssetTag": ""

Here is an example for this path which I expected to get.

    "/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system": {
        "BuildDate": "",
        "Cached": 0,
        "FieldReplaceable": 0,
        "Manufacturer": "",
        "Model": "2",
        "PartNumber": "0000000000000000",
        "Present": 1,
        "PrettyName": "",
        "SerialNumber": "0000000000000000"

Only using entity-manager in my project for inventory FRU.
I could get the FRU data from this path “https://<bmcip>/xyz/openbmc_project/inventory/system/board/<name>”
But the inventory system path is null.

Any setting I should set for getting FRU from this path?

John Chung

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