Winbond® / Nuvoton WPCM450 BMC Support?

Fabian Druschke fabian at
Sun May 31 08:31:27 AEST 2020

Ahoy friends.

Currently i'm doing server part remarketing, and we got huge amounts of 
Supermicro X8DTX and X9DRX boards.

All of them use the Winbond® WPCM450 BMC, but providing outrageous 
support by Supermicro, which is making it almost useless.

Many people use these boards, because they are affordable (Socket 1366, 
and Socket 2011) for many people, and they are still in use by a huge 
amount of people.

Unfortunately there is no alternative to the Supermicro BMC, but i found 
some sources regarding the BMC on the Supermicro GPL page (maybe it 
might help?).

I'm also a user of X8DTU-F and X9DRI-F and i'd be happy about support of 
this chip.

Is there a way to port it to this chip, or is it more complicated? (Or 
maybe planned for future releases?).

I'd also like to donate boards, because i got a huge amount of them in 

Thanks in advance!

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