Adding usb-ctrl from intel-bmc into phosphor-misc

Vernon Mauery vernon.mauery at
Sat May 30 04:24:32 AEST 2020

On 29-May-2020 10:09 AM, James Feist wrote:
>On 5/28/2020 5:48 AM, Brad Bishop wrote:
>>On Wed, 2020-05-27 at 11:07 +0800, 郁雷 wrote:
>>>There is a script [usb-ctrl][1] hosted in intel-bmc.
>>>It supports the VirtualMedia feature by insert/eject files to the host
>>>as a USB mass-storage device.
>>>Comparing to the existing [state_hook][2] in jsnbd, it supports
>>>multiple UDCs, so it supports mount multiple files.
>>>In addition, I have some updates on the usb-ctrl script to make it
>>>support the USB ECM device, which creates a USB ethernet device
>>>between BMC and the host.
>>>So my proposal is to add the `usb-ctrl` script into the phosphor-misc
>>>repo so that it gets reviewed and could be used by upstream.
>>>Any ideas?
>>I'm the current maintainer of phosphor-misc and I am looking for help
>>with that.  I would be fine with adding this script to that repository.
>>It would be nice, but not required, to hear from the Intel team that
>>they would pull from the new location if we do this...
>Yes, we could start using it from there. Just would have to move the 
>recipes to point to the right place. CCing Vernon who was the original 

That old thing? :) Seems like a long time since I wrote that. I am fine 
with it moving to a new home. That being said, it might be better off as 
a c++ binary that is controlled from D-Bus than a shell script. It 
started off as a script because we just needed it NOW.


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