Sd_bus_call - ELOOP Issue

Patrick Williams patrick at
Sat May 30 04:07:09 AEST 2020

On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 09:29:48PM +0530, Kumar Thangavel wrote:

>        6. As per our understanding, current  sd_bus_call not supported for
> connection with the same bus/clients. (sender  and receiver are same
>            application name ). Please confirm.
>             Log :
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]: sd_bus_call function called..
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]: sd_bus_call function ELOOP .
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]:  unique name = :1.71
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]:  incoming sender = :1.71
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]: executeCallback called. catch block
>             yosemitev2 ipmid[370]: EXCEPTION=sd_bus_call:
> System.Error.ELOOP: Too many levels of symbolic links

Yes, it appears that systemd has some code to specifically return ELOOP
in this case:

>        So,  Could you please confirm sd_bus_call does not support the same
> bus/clients with in the same process.
>        Also, Please let us know if any alternate method to  call the
> execute dbus method with the same bus/connection.

My suggestion would be to see if one of the functions in ipmid-new.cpp,
such as executeIpmiCommand, can be exposed to providers for these kind
of recursive callbacks.

Maintainers of phosphor-host-ipmid have opinions here?
Patrick Williams
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