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Hi Harley,
You don’t need any configuration for eeprom if you are using entity manager package. Just add this package in your image and at the start /usr/bin/fru-device process will start which will enumerate all eeprom existed in the system and create a dbus interface for each fru device found. In my system, it shows like below.

Service xyz.openbmc_project.FruDevice:


























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     My project uses phosphor-fru, and a phosphor-read-eeprom is generated during compilation. I think when openbmc starts, phosphor-read-eeprom will read the configuration information of eeprom from a configuration file (such as i2c channel number, i2c address), and then read FRU information from eeprom.
     If the entity-manager module is used,add json configuration file for my device into entity-manager. then I use the phoshor-fru method, in which configuration file should I configure the eeprom information?

     phosphor-read-eeprom will exits after reading the eeprom information, so how is the FRU information read to the IPMI process?


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Hi Harley,

You could add json configuration file for your device into entity-manager as below:



Hello everyone,

       My motherboard has an EEPROM device to store FRU related information. How can I configure it in the openbmc configuration file to see this FRU information through the ipmitool fru print command?

Are there some examples to provide reference, I did not find a place to configure the eeprom device in the openbmc project?

Is there any documentation about FRU indicating that the module reads and parses information from eeprom, and then it can be read by the ipmitool fru print command? What is the process like?



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