openBMC eMMC image support

Adriana Kobylak anoo at
Thu May 28 00:36:37 AEST 2020

Hi Vikram,

On 2020-05-27 09:03, Bodireddy, Vikram wrote:
> +Richard
> On 25-05-2020 15:29, Bodireddy, Vikram wrote:
>> Hi Andriana,
>> We are working on enabling OpenBMC eMMC support for Intel platforms.
>> I see that you had started on it, and enabling it for ibm platforms.
>> We would like to co-work with you to get to know eMMC support status 
>> and  to contribute further to complete it.


>> Can you please help with the current status of OpenBMC eMMC support?

For code update support, I’ll be pushing changes to gerrit for 
phosphor-bmc-code-mgmt today/tomorrow to support eMMC.
On the build side, there are a few WIP changes that I’ll be refreshing 
this week as well, will tag them as ‘mmc’ on gerrit to be able to 
find them, some previous commits have the topic ‘wic’ and ‘mmc’ 
already but are in Abandoned or WIP, will be cleaning them up this week.
Updates to the emmc doc:

>> Also can you let us know your availability this week for a sync 
>> meeting on the same?

Ping me on IRC, any time during the day CST time, or if it's later at 
night like 8/9pm CST time we can have Joel/Andrew J join us as well.

>> Thanks
>> Vikram

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