Adding usb-ctrl from intel-bmc into phosphor-misc

Wang, Kuiying at
Wed May 27 18:41:01 AEST 2020

Hi Lei,
What’s your final purpose for this?

Now we already have KCS between host and bmc.


郁雷 at<>
Wed May 27 13:07:45 AEST 2020

There is a script [usb-ctrl][1] hosted in intel-bmc.

It supports the VirtualMedia feature by insert/eject files to the host

as a USB mass-storage device.

Comparing to the existing [state_hook][2] in jsnbd, it supports

multiple UDCs, so it supports mount multiple files.

In addition, I have some updates on the usb-ctrl script to make it

support the USB ECM device, which creates a USB ethernet device

between BMC and the host.

So my proposal is to add the `usb-ctrl` script into the phosphor-misc

repo so that it gets reviewed and could be used by upstream.

Any ideas?





Lei YU

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