how to use obmc-phosphor-image-evb-ast2500.tar.gz on evb board

Wang, Kuiying at
Wed May 27 17:08:26 AEST 2020

Hi Steven,

You could use tftpboot to boo the fitImage in u-boot shell and then flash the /dev/mtd partition based your flash layout.


Dear openbmc,

now I use the openbmc public image to test on my evb board. the fitImag rootfs used aspeed-image-initramfs-evb-ast2500.cpio.xz.

but for obmc-phosphor-image-evb-ast2500-20200511083309.rootfs.tar.gz not used! I unzip the obmc-phosphor-image-evb-ast2500-20200511083309.rootfs.tar.gz and find many feature here. now I want to used this rootfs. but when I used it as the rootfs to replace aspeed-image-initramfs-evb-ast2500.cpio.xz. Then it can not boot up anymore!

So would u please tell me how to use the obmc-phosphor-image-evb-ast2500-20200511083309.rootfs.tar.gz. Or just give me some clue on this!


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