An IPMI Request Visualization Tool

Brandon Wyman bjwyman at
Wed May 27 04:22:23 AEST 2020

On 2020-05-21 17:39, Michael Richardson wrote:
> Sui Chen <suichen6 at> wrote:
>      > Thanks for your interest! I'm also using dbus-pcap to track certain
>      > issues on the BMC recently, and would like to add support for all DBus
>      > messages to the visualization tool, making it somewhat resemble a GUI
>      > version of dbus-pcap.  The goal would be to be able to use this tool to
>      > investigate both DBus and IPMI. The way I plan to use it would be more
>      > similar to how I use GPUView (full-system timeline rather than
>      > inspecting individual packets)
> Interestingly, I was not that clearly aware of dbus-pcap :-)
> I ought to know more, as the lead libpcap maintainer.
> Is this visualization tool part of openbmc, or is it a generic dbus
> visualization tool?
> We recently brought rpcapd into the mix; it can be invoked via ssh.
> I wonder if that might help you as a debug tool?
>      > If you ask how this user interface might differ from the already
>      > existing dbus visualizers such as bustle, my answer would be: it will
>      > present information in a way that's more relevant to the BMC, putting a
>      > bit more focus on BMC-specific DBus messages, such as HWMon and RedFish
>      > DBus messages, to present information in a high signal-noise ratio way.
> Would this need to run on the BMC itself?
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