Question of ipmi command "Set User Access" in phosphor-host-ipmid

Thomaiyar, Richard Marian richard.marian.thomaiyar at
Tue May 26 02:28:17 AEST 2020

Hi Tony,

Only IPMI offers channel based user level privilege as of now, Redfish 
uses single privilege across all channels. OpenBMC user management is 
designed to have single user level privilege. IPMI is designed to bind 
one of the channel privilege user to the user management, and rest 
maintain in it's own database. LAN 1 is used for that sync.

Note: Discussion started in Redfish forum to have a channel based 
restriction, but it's not yet materialized and requires more takers.



On 5/25/2020 12:58 PM, Tony Lee (李文富) wrote:
> In the process of creating an user,
> I used the ipmi command "ipmitool priv <user id> <privilege level> [<channel number>]".
> The "UserPrivilege" of the user I created in dbus is empty. Because my LAN channel number is not 1.
> Why did it need to check the request channel number before setting the dbus?
> I can't find the related restriction of it in "Set User Access Command" in IPMI SPEC.
> Thanks
> Best Regards,
> Tony

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