phosphor-ipmi-flash state recovery

Patrick Voelker Patrick_Voelker at
Sat May 23 08:05:21 AEST 2020

When running burn_my_bmc, if I exit the program during image upload with ctrl-c, it seems that the bmc gets left in a state that is difficult to recover from.

When attempting to run the update again I can see that the /flash/active/image blob is present.  burn_my_bmc opens the cleanup blob, commits it, and then closes it but the state doesn't change. I don't have the cleanup-delete option enabled but it doesn't look like that cleans up the state anyhow.

Internally, it looks like I need to get to abortProcess() but to do that I need to close the current session but I don't have a way to obtain the sessionID after the fact.  Also the stale session doesn't seem to expire (as mentioned in the and I can't find the support for that in the code.

Can you give me a pointer on the best known way to recover from this scenario without rebooting the BMC?

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