Redfish client use case for Software Image ExtendedVersion?

Gunnar Mills gmills at
Sat May 23 05:07:58 AEST 2020

Anyone have a Redfish client use case for Software Image ExtendedVersion 
or see value in it being added to Redfish?

Was attempting to get ExtendedVersion added to Redfish's 
SoftwareInventory schema but Redfish did not see an "end-user / standard 
use cases". IBM's use case is mostly for development and Redfish's 
feedback was "single implementation can utilize OEM easily". If someone 
else has a need, will pass that on to Redfish and hopefully that will be 
enough to get it added to the schema.

Some background:
ExtendedVersion - "Extended version of the level.". A value from an 
OpenPOWER system:

More information:
Some additional discussion (summarized above) in Redfish issue #4000.*
*You must have access to the private Redfish repo to view.


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