Implement a tool of flashing EEPROM to update the VPD data

Andy_YF_Wang at Andy_YF_Wang at
Fri May 22 20:58:47 AEST 2020

Hi Santosh,

> Which VPD format are you interested in updating?
I'm interested in OpenPower VPD format update.

> Assuming you are using the OpenPower VPD format, there is a tool being implemented in the series of patches here: /30239

Ok, that's great!
I'll study this repository.
My initial idea is using this tool (API) to update the MAC, BMC's PartNumber, BMC's SerialNumber and BMC's PrettyName of the VPD data on EEPROM.
Then update the VPD data by filling in the Json file.
The API reads the data in Json and writes to the EEPROM to update the VPD.
The above is my initial idea, I would like to ask you whether this is feasible?
Or do you have any concern for this idea?

Andy YF Wang+

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