Storing host data on the BMC

Sunitha Harish sunithaharish04 at
Thu May 21 20:30:13 AEST 2020

On 21-05-2020 10:46, Deepak Kodihalli wrote:
> On 21/05/20 10:42 am, Sunitha Harish wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Any inputs?
>> Thanks & regards,
>> Sunitha
> Hi Sunitha,
> I believe you had got a direction based on the discussion below.
>>>>> As far as Sunitha's question goes, my point is that not all host
>>>>> firmware generated data is a BIOS attribute. For eg if the host 
>>>>> tells me
>>>>> about the presence of certain FRUs, or their functional states, I
>>>>> wouldn't want to store those in the BIOS attributes backend, I'd 
>>>>> rather
>>>>> associates those with the existing D-Bus interfaces for the FRU
>>>>> inventory. I think the same applies to the Origin property that 
>>>>> has been
>>>>> described - associate with the networking D-Bus backend.
>>>> I think we're in agreement here.  Data which is interesting to 
>>>> represent
>>>> on the BMC, for which we already have a defined-interface, use it.  
>>>> For
>>>> data which isn't interesting the to BMC, use the generic BIOS 
>>>> attribute
>>>> table.
> ^^ You use existing (or come up with new) D-Bus interfaces to 
> represent your data. Those D-Bus interfaces can be implemented by 
> settingsd or networkd or something else.

If i am getting it correctly , the current changes which were made to 
the phosphor-settings-manager should be good enough to handle all the 

In my last email i mentioned that ===>>
When the Ethernet interface set to be DHCP enabled ( by setting the Bios 
attribute DHCPEnabled = true via redfish), the IPAddress, SubnetMask and 
Gateway along with the Origin property will not be Bios settings. Here 
the user will be setting the DHCPEnabled property.
However in the case of Static IP configuration(IPAddress, SubnetMask and 
Gateway) they will become bios setting.
Currently we are using the xyz.openbmc_project.Network.IP and this 
interface is being implemented by settings object -

Do you see any issues here?

> Thanks,
> Deepak

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